Analytical Equipments
HPLC Liquid Flow Meter
HPLC Liquid Flow Meter
  • The ideal instrument for IQ/OQ/PQ and troubleshooting
  • Accurate to 1% of reading with guaranteed linearity from 0.05 to 25.00 ml/min
  • Durable and easy to use with any HPLC pump
  • Easy diagnosis of leaking piston seals or malfunctioning check valves
  • Automatic Data Transfer
    1. Dramatically simplify liquid flow rate data collection for HPLC IQ/OQ/PQ
    2. Collect flow rate data via RS232 or with a new optional battery powered mini printer or with software
  • Specially design software converts data received in to pdf file. Average set of data & gives average reading, mean value standard deviation & many more
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